What a Great Time to Be a Young Adventist


Lawrence Maxwell

Those of us who help produce Adventists Affirm have worked fast to produce this issue in time for the GYC convention in December at San Jose, California. GYC, for those who don’t know it, stands for Generation of Youth for Christ. It’s the name young Adventists are calling themselves these days. Their goal is to tell the world about Jesus.

Six or seven decades ago when I was a young Adventist, we called ourselves Missionary Volunteers. Our goal was, “The advent message to all the world in this generation.” We didn’t quite accomplish it, but, with God’s help, we came close.

That is one reason why this is such a great time to be a young Adventist. With their energy and enthusiasm and dedication to the Lord, they are certain to get the advent message to all the world in their generation. We have every reason to believe that those living today will fulfill Jesus’ prophecy: “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world; . . . and then shall the end come” (Matthew 24:14).

Live to see the grand climax of the ages!

See Jesus riding in majesty through the sky!

Hear Him play His trumpet solo as He and His hosts of heavenly angels descend closer to the earth! (See Early Writings, p. 16).

Hear His commanding voice call, “Awake, awake, awake, ye that sleep in the dust, and arise!” (The Great Controversy, p. 644).

Be caught up into the clouds, with the older folks, and hear Jesus say, “Well done, good and faithful servants; enter into the joy of your Lord.”

What a privilege to be a young Adventist today!

In this issue we have a choice selection of stimulating and encouraging articles. Randy Skeete asks the significant question: “How can a non-Christian know how to become a Christian if he never sees one?” He urges us all, young and old, to follow Paul’s advice and be separate from the world.

Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts lists some 20 amazing coincidences between the lives of American Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy—born 100 years apart, elected president 100 years apart, assassinated 100 years apart, etc. Then he goes on to show twelve remarkable similarities among the Bible’s three Elijahs: Elijah the prophet, John the Baptist—and us!

Samuel Koranteng-Pipim shows how to overcome sin as Christ did—by being out of our minds. Yes, that is what he recommends, with good reason. Read his article and you will agree!

In addition, don’t miss the exciting piece by Jerry Page. Elder Page is president of the conference where the GYC convention is being held. He shares one experience after another that shows the tremendous power of united prayer.

Well, there’s much more, but I must stop writing so you can start reading. May God bless us all, especially the young people at GYC. May they leave the convention fully Affirmed in the glorious message God has given Adventists to tell the world.

What young men and women need is Christian heroism. God’s Word declares that he that ruleth his spirit is better than he that taketh a city. To rule the spirit means to keep self under discipline. . . . They need to seek earnestly to bring into their lives the perfection that is seen in the life of the Saviour, so that when Christ shall come, they will be prepared to enter in through the gates into the city of God. God’s abounding love and presence in the heart will give the power of self-control and will mold and fashion the mind and character. The grace of Christ in the life will direct the aims and purposes and capabilities into channels that will give moral and spiritual power—power which the youth will not have to leave in this world, but which they can carry with them into the future life and retain through the eternal ages.

My Life Today, p. 70