Volume 21, Number 2 - Late Adventist Preaching

Late Adventist Preaching

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Editor's Corner - Famine or Feast?
Jerry A. Stevens
Don't Let It Happen: An Earnest Appeal to Church Leaders
Robert H. Pierson
A Trojan Horse Within the Church
Enoch Oliveira
Called to Preach: The Work of the Ordained Minister
Carlyle B. Haynes
Lawfully Joined
Joe Crews
The Amazing Secret of Success
Randy Skeete
Judas: The Traitor
Leslie Hardinge
Preachers, You Are Not Actors!
Ellen G. White
Five Good Excuses
Lawrence Maxwell
Coloring Outside the Lines
Richard O'Ffill
The Day of Atonement
W.D. Frazee
When God Goes Calling
Laurel Damsteegt