Volume 15, Number 2 - Health

The Power of the Health Message

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Editor's Corner - The Power of the Health Message
Phil Mills, Guest Editor
Health as a Bible Teaching: How Adventists Developed It
P. Gerard Damsteegt
Living Longer and Better: Health Benefits from the Vegetarian Diet
Clifford Korf
Wine: Social Gala or Sour Grapes?
Vicki Bianco-Griffin
Knowing and Doing
Laurel Damsteegt
About "Wedges": A Testimony
Amy Sherrard
Using the True Remedies
Ellen G. White
The Law and Its Profits
George Guthrie
A Mandate for Church-based Health Ministries
F. Dale Leamon
Every Church a School of Health
Dena R. Guthrie
The Church a Training Center for Christian Healers
Jay Gallimore
When Health Reformers Get Sick
Shakeela Bennett
"Mommy, Why Do We Go to Church on Sunday?"
Lavetta Korf
The Importance of Example
Ellen G. White
The Relation of Diet to Board Meetings
Ellen G. White