Prove All Things: A Response to WOMEN IN MINISTRY

Contributors Include Andrews University Professors and Alumni

Mercedes H. Dyer, Ph.D., Editor

Prove All Things: A Response to WOMEN IN MINISTRY, as the title of our book suggests, examines the recently published book Women in Ministry and points out its merits as well as its shortcomings. The authors of Women in Ministry claim to have shown that the Bible supports women's serving in the headship roles of elder and pastor and that, therefore, the Seventh-day Adventist church should encourage women to seek these roles and should proceed with the process of ordaining them in these capacities.

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Mercedes H. Dyer
1. Theology or Ideology? Background, Methodology, and Content of Women in Ministry
Samuel Koranteng-Pipim
2. A Look at Methods of Interpretation in Women in Ministry
P. Gerard Damsteegt
3. Testimony: What Is a Woman Worth?
Rosalie Haffner Zinke
4. Headship, Submission, and Equality in Scripture
Samuele Bacchiocchi
14. Great Flying Leaps: The Use of Ellen G. White's Writings in Women in Ministry
Larry Kirkpatrick
15. Spiritualism and Women: Then and Now
Laurel Damsteegt


  1. Questions and Answers on Women's Ordination (1987)--AFFIRM, Spring 1987
  2. An Appeal to the World Field Regarding the Ministry of Women in the Church (1989)--ADVENTISTS AFFIRM, Fall 1989
  3. An Appeal for a Biblical Stand on Women's Ordination (1995)--Utrecht Document
  4. A Very Significant Development Regarding Women Pastors: "NAD President's Commission on Women in Ministry--Report"--ADVENTISTS AFFIRM, Fall 1998